PMC | George Taylor
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George Taylor


George Taylor was born and raised in Chicago Illinois to a family of teachers. When he was 6 years old he started competing in gymnastics, dance, and martial arts. He went on to be a state champion in gymnastics for level 7, level 6, level 5 and level 4. After competing for over 10 years, he started coaching, and has been doing so, for both competitive and non-competitive groupsĀ for over two decades.


After High School George went to college at St Andrews Presbyterian College in Laurinburg North Carolina, where he majored in early childhood education and minored in philosophy. George has had jobs teaching at various preschools and children’s community centers but his true passion has always been teaching gymnastics, music, and physical movement to children.


After the birth of his son Arlo in 2014, George moved to Maryland to be closer to his now four year old son. He spent about 4 years teaching gymnastics in Frederick Maryland, but is now so happy to call the Pediatric Movement Center home. He currently resides in Waynesboro Pennsylvania, and is simply thrilled that he has found PMC and is excited to grow from the KidMotion program, and also help the program grow. According to George, his specialty is “growing skills and seizing moments in a nurturing, positive, loving way.” George truly is an asset to the PMC family.