PMC | Equipment Clinic
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Equipment Clinic

The Pediatric Movement Center strives to assist our client’s in achieving their personal goals. For many, this may be to sit, stand and move comfortably. Our team’s goal is to identify the equipment needs of our clients to promote independence and enhanced quality of life.

What To Expect During a Equipment Evaluation

  • Mobility evaluation: A full evaluation will be completed by a physical and/or occupational therapist. The assessment may include pressure mapping, and will provide valuable, and necessary information to identify appropriate equipment for safe seating and mobility.
  • Delivery, Fitting and Training: Clients will be scheduled for subsequent appointments as needed for fitting and training with equipment.
How to Schedule an Equipment Evaluation

  • Talk to your doctor about equipment needs
  • Obtain a Physical therapy equipment evaluation order from physician
  • Submit physician order, insurance information, and patient intake form via fax to 301.739.7453